​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Arkansas Valley Horse Show Association

CAMPERS:Camper fees will be $15 per day.  This fee will begin the day campers are placed on the fairgrounds.  A sticker will be issued for the window of your camper or horse trailer with living quarters.  Camper fees will be purchased through the Izard Co. Fair Grounds.  They will have a representative on site to collect that fee.  Available hook-ups are for electricity and water only.  Some of the hook ups may not provide water.  No sewer hook-ups on site, nor are there any places to empty sewage on site. 
Electric cords should meet camper standards.

Gate fee:   $5 for 11 years and under

                  $10 for 12 years and older

INDIVIDUAL ENTRY FORM:  Please fill out 1 form FOR EACH RIDER and Circle ALL classes that rider wants to enter.  PLEASE INDICATE THE RIDERS AGE AT THE TOP OF THE ENTRY FORM.  Also, please enter the number of stalls you want to rent.

GAITED CLASS WAIVER: Please fill out 1 form FOR EACH CLASS . (EXAMPLE: If you are showing in Fox Trot and Slow Gaited you would fill out 2 Gaited entry forms.)  You also need to fill out an INDIVIDUAL ENTRY FORM.

$35.00 PER CLASS

Izard County Fairgrounds

                                                              SEPTEMBER TBA

Show of Champions